Master your swimming performance with SmartPaddle!

SmartPaddle provides you with accurate and instant data about your swimming performance

Improve the POWER and EFFICIENCY of your strokes.

See your potential!

Strap on the SmartPaddle and track your swimming performance like never before!

SmartPaddle power meter tracks the force and resulting motion of the swimming stroke and provides instant analytics both for the swimmer and the coach.

Instant feedback

SmartPaddle data is available immediately by the pool. Feedback during a normal training session enables fast learning.

Facts for discussion

SmartPaddle visualizes the stroke and power. It combines coach’s observations with the swimmers feel for the water helping communication between the two.

Systematic tracking

Effortless measurement makes it possible to track performance in every swim workout. Continuous view to the development enables flexible adjustment of the season plan.

Analyzing the stroke

Visualize your peformance

SmartPaddle visualizes the force and movement of the swimming stroke in 3D. Visibility to swimmers feel for the water will drive improvement in a way that has not been possible until now.

Compare performances

The level of detail in SmartPaddle data makes the differences in swimming strokes immediately visible. Easy and fast comparability of the strokes greatly facilitates improvement of the swimming technique.

Set targets

The observations from SmartPaddle analysis can automatically be turned into numeric targets. The visibility to Power against the target brings the quality control into everyday practices.


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Starter Kit

1 power meter + 1 charger + 6 months of use for 2 swimmers

€529 €639

Team Kit

2 power meters + 1 charger + 6 months of use for 10 swimmers

€1299 €1899

Custom Kit

Consulting + Training + power meters & chargers

Tailored to you.

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