Actionable data will make you swim faster

SmartPaddle measures the stroke force, duration, and direction. Any level of swimmer from the world champion to the beginner can understand the data and will benefit from the data.
Use your full potential!

Force measurement shows where you can improve

Results are online immediately. Make the corrections and start swimming faster

Follow and compare the performance development online


Step 1: Wear and Swim

Attach two small SmartPaddles on swimmer’s palms and record while swimming

Step 2: Compare and give feedback

View the stroke force, velocity and trajectory details in seconds after the swim.

Step 3: Follow and improve

Easily follow, compare, and optimise the training online.


”We were able to visualize some of the stroke deficiencies we had identified the previous season. What surprised us was how much of an impact those issues had on performance and we were left with tangible action steps to improve those gaps.”
Ryan Atkinson, Biomechanist, Swimming Canada

Feelings may take you far, but knowledge can take you everywhere. So in our vision of democratizing smart tools and knowledge based approaches, Trainesense's SmartPaddle is an obvious tool for our tool kit.
Nicola Lukic, AquaFront

"With the SmartPaddle we have identified the gaps and holes in my swim and developed drills both to dryland and to the water. And what is great with the continuous monitoring with the SmartPaddles I can really see the development."
Kaisa Sali, professional triathlete


Tailor the costs according to your needs

  • Recording 8€/Day or 20€/Month per swimmer

  • Viewing the recorded data from the account is always free

  • Each swimmer can sign-up for own account

  • With one pair of the SmartPaddles any amount of the swimmers can be recorded

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