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SmartPaddle power meter measures the force and motion of the swimming stroke and provides instant analytics both for the swimmer and the coach.

Better results

0.1sec pauses in propulsive force cumulate to several seconds in 100m


Getting feedback in seconds enables faster learning

Less effort

See the facts on progress and focus on essential

Force in swimming

Swimmer needs to produce force to overcome the resistive drag of the water. However, only creating more force is not enough to swim faster.

The force has three following characteristics:
- the direction (forward, lateral and vertical)
- the magnitude of the force
- the timing of the force during the stroke

SmartPaddle shows these values with simple traffic light colors.

Analyzing the stroke

Analyze the stroke

Swimmer can match the feeling to the water with the measured force and discuss with the coach. From the hand velocity and trajectory it is possible to see how the force is produced and directed.

Example of a stroke visualisation:  The picture on top shows forces for each stroke in one lap. The picture on bottom shows force during one stroke cycle.

Compare performances

Comparing the swims with earlier ones helps seeing the change. Comparing different swimmers will help to improve faster by learning from the others.

Example of a comparison between  strokes: Side view of the analysed swim and the selected reference swim.

This view is similar to a video shot from right side of a swimmer.

Set targets

With SmartPaddle data it is easy to set numeric targets and monitor the progress. The visible progress boosts motivation and improves quality of the training.

Example of target setting: The upper values are from the analyzed swim. The lower values are from selected reference swim.


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