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Trainesense Ltd is an information technology company that provides smart information with smart technology. Research has proven that smart technology can be very effective in improving and monitoring lifestyle, well-being and sport performance. Trainesense started as a spin-off from Technical research centre of Finland (VTT). The Trainesense platform consists of using mobile devices to deliver; data analytics. Our web user dashboard gives users real-time personalize actionable information.

The patented technology measures the magnitude, trajectory, direction and timing of the forces during swimming. Trainesense aim is to help our users manage their fitness and lifestyle needs through our smart services, products and networks. Currently more than 25000 individual swims have been recorded. This provides strong evidence-based background for supporting our users on their learning journey within a smart world.

Our promise is every additional recording will increase our knowledge and incrementally benefit the end user. We will assist you along the way in understanding the necessities in using new technologies. We will assist you in increasing your knowledge by defining issues, root causes and limits, setting targets, analyzing recordings, and creating needed protocols. Ever additional recording creates another reference point towards smart swimming.With our help you can fast forward months of development in weeks.

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Trainesense LTD

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Email: info@trainesense.com