Learn better swimming technique with SmartPaddle force measurement

Why to use SmartPaddle?

Swimming performance can be described as converting swimmer's physical capabilities into swimming speed by swimmer's efficiency (=skills).
Following the improvement of the swimming skills has been difficult and therefore only very simple statistics has been available

  • Race analysis metrics (SPM, DPS, etc.) do not separate swimming skills from swimmers physical capabilities.
  • With SmartPaddle you can monitor the progress of swimming skills separetely with measurable numerical values
  • SmartPaddle shows how you create your swimming speed and how to improve it

SmartPaddle uses colors to indicate the direction of the force:
lateral (yellow), vertical (red), propulsive (green)

Why the force measurement is important in swimming performance?

Force makes swimmer move forward. When propulsive force drops, also the swimmers speed will drop.

SmartPaddle divides total force into the components and shows their magnitude. This enables working with the details of the stroke: removing the drops in the force and optimising the direction of the force.

Performance analysis with SmartPaddle force data and traejctory becomes easy: increase the green color !

What are the benefits of using SmartPaddle?

Instant visibility to swimmer's performance

SmartPaddle summary view is available in seconds after the swim. It clearly displays the performance gaps. Average force profile is a one view summary on the performance. Fixing the force gaps in the average stroke will have the biggest impact on the overall performance.

Visibility to all of the strokes enables removing the worst strokes, e.g., impact of breathing, and optimising the execution of the whole distance (race simulations, training sets)

Example: replace yellow with green, i.e. , reduce sideways movement focus in the first strokes of the lap

Effortless daily measurement

Smartpaddle is a wearable mobile device. Get comparable results.

  • no preparatory actions needed
  • record any set of any practice
  • any pool, lane or even open water