Thursday, 29 November 2018 / Published in SmartPaddle technology
2018 fall season is coming to an end. For the SmartPaddle users this was the first season when a bigger group of people used regular force measurements to assist their daily training. In the Finnish Swimming Championships 33% of the participating clubs are using SmartPaddle. The SmartPaddle users were doing well in the competition and it
Wednesday, 18 July 2018 / Published in SmartPaddle technology
After a swimmer has learned a swimming technique with reasonably low resistance, it’s time to improve the efficiency of the strokes. There are two main factors influencing the efficiency: timing of the strokes and direction of the force. This time we focus on the latter. Swimmers produce force in all directions with their hand strokes,
Saturday, 23 June 2018 / Published in SmartPaddle technology
Trainesense started consulting Kaisa Sali on her swimming in December 2017. See earlier blog discussing the start of the co-operation and her own blog “Me as a swimmer”. Getting ready for first competitions In March we met with Kaisa in her training camp in Mallorca. We summarised the achievements and learnings from the three-month period
Thursday, 14 June 2018 / Published in SmartPaddle technology
During the 2017-18 season, Swimming Canada’s High Performance Centre – Ontario sport science staff have been trialing the Trainesense SmartPaddle. The team’s biomechanist, Ryan Atkison, has been the primary user and is very happy with the results to date. “When we were first exposed to the SmartPaddle, our initial reaction was that this information could
Wednesday, 13 June 2018 / Published in SmartPaddle technology
Kaisa Sali is one of the first SmartPaddle users (link to early promo video). Like any product, Trainesense SmartPaddle has multiple stories behind the scenes. Kaisa’s story is one of those (link to her webpage). Common theme for the stories behind SmartPaddle is “rediscovering yourself”. As part of our own rediscovery story we have helped
Thursday, 07 June 2018 / Published in SmartPaddle technology
The text below discusses the details of typical issues we have seen in the force profile. In the end of the blog there is a summary on the benefits of using the force profile in performance analysis. SmartPaddle force profile The basic theory on moving in water: pushing against the water creates force and the
Friday, 08 December 2017 / Published in SmartPaddle technology
Whether you are just interested in learning more efficient swimming technique for example for the triathlon or want to win a gold medal in swimming competitions, a good swimming technique gives you major advantage. Beginner gets biggest benefit from learning good a swimmming technique, but equally important are last tenth or hundreds of seconds, if