Better results faster and with less effort

Fast learning with SmartPaddle

SmartPaddle boosts the efficiency of improving swimming technique. The main enabler for that is easy access to details of stroke level details. Biggest reward for us has been hearing swimmer’s comment: “I think I got it, can I try one more time”. The experience has been similar with the best of the world and 10 year old juniors. We want each of you the enjoy the same feeling. 
It is easy to get started with SmartPaddle and find the most appropriate methods for your training environment. The information on this page is targeted to help you get started. It is based on cumulative experience working with the SmartPaddle users. And the background work done in helping them to become better. 
The viewpoints for coach and swimmer are listed separately. Both of them have different view on the common work that they do. Easily accessible common data enables both of them learning on their own way and, yet, be able to share the learnings.