SmartPaddle basic data explained shortly

Analyser start guide is meant to help with analysis of first measurement. Document tells: What to measure first? What issues to check from first swim? Basic rules from force graph Examples on issues seen from force graph. Examples are from free style swimming

This user Guide includes all WEB SW documentation: Analysis Center User Guide

1. Scan sensors 2. Pair sensor and press sensor name in pair view to verify sensors name. Red light blinks in the sensor you are connected 3. Release pairing 4. Press cogwheel 5. Give name to sensor in the name field 6. Save name 7. Pair Sensor again. Wait until Battery status appear 8. Press

Coach account will be created when SmartPaddle device is purchased. It’s also possible to ask additional coach accounts by email. Athlete account can be created by signing-up in Athlete accounts can be created also with Coah Account.

Coach account is created by Trainesense when the SmartPaddle device is purchased. With Coach account it is possible to create Athlete accounts and record under athlete accounts. With coach account it is possible to allocate licenses to athlete accounts (athletes under that coach account). Athlete account can be created by signing-up Athlete can see

Licences can be purchased from the web shop. Contact us for quote if you have special needs or you are planning to purchase licences e.g. for the entire swim club.

Subscription/licence is needed to record swims and it needs to be paid per athlete. Available licence types are: continuous subscription, pre-paid monthly (one / or multiple) licenses and daypasses (valid for 24h) .

Daypass is special case of the licence. It is valid for one day only and during that day athlete to whom daypass is allocated can be recorded. Daypass needs to be purchased in advance and it needs to allocated on the same day the swims are recorded. Rule of thumb is that if you are

Logic for recording the swims is following. Start recording -> swim -> stop recording -> download data from sensor. After downloading you can see the results from the web service ( with phone/tablet/laptop/desktop. Typically it takes minute or less when when the swim data is visible after the swim (depending on your mobile device, country