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How to use references for comparing?

There are three different level of data comparison.

All data comparison can be done against three different reference: Swimmer own swims, coaches other swimmers (team members) or against global ( provided by the Trainesense) references.

1. Session level comparison can be done in Analysis view.
Analysis view shows recordings averages of key parameters for whole test session. Recordings are ordered by swimming speed. Graphs are ordered consequence (left column) and root cause (right column) . For example Stroke Rate is on left and root cause (hand speed is on right).
Main use case for Analysis view is to compare data between similar test.
This is good view to start, just make first recordings at different speed and look what swimmer changes to produce faster speed.

2. Recording (= Set) level data can be compared in two different views: Live view and Explore view. Graphs are actually the same in both views and the references are added similarly. Difference between views is that Live view is optimized for use by the pool. Use case is to give swimmer fast feedback how swimmer swims in generally or against reference. In learning phase it is important to get as many correct repetitions as possible to make new skill as habit.
Coach can show data from Phone/ Tablet to swimmer right after swim.

Adding own swim as reference: When Set level picture is shown (always in Live view) just press the star next to graph.

3. Lap references are available only in Explore view. Select desired Lap from the table and mark it as reference from start next to graph. And select other Lap you want to compare and add the reference Lap to same graph.

Use case for Lap references is to see, what happens inside one swim? E.g. 800m swim first and last lap swimming technique likely changes due to swimmer exhaust. Lap references can be used to tune race tactics.

See from user manual / web pages for more info