Using without Internet connection is not a supported feature. One session can be recorded in place where is no Internet connection with following steps. Create session and pair sensors in place where is connection. Record all Sets in same Session. Don’t come out from the Session before you are in place where you have Internet

You can see the exact time of the force peak, when you hover the cursor over the force graph. The time is also displayed, when you hover the cursor over the trajectory.

Open water swimming is currently not supported in our retail version. You would need SmartPaddle developer kit for the analysis?

There are three different level of data comparison. All data comparison can be done against three different reference: Swimmer own swims, coaches other swimmers (team members) or against global ( provided by the Trainesense) references. 1. Session level comparison can be done in Analysis view. Analysis view shows recordings averages of key parameters for whole

Endless pool is not supported in our standard retail version. You would need a SmartPaddle developer kit for measurements in endless pools.

Even right now SmartPaddle is optimised for the use where someone controls the recording session by the pool, it’s perfectly possible to use SmartPaddle for individual training without coach. In practice it can go like this: – Purchase or borrow/rent SmartPaddle. – Create athlete account for youself in by signing up – Allocate or

Starting guide explains how to take SmartPaddle system in to use and make the first recording. Download Starting Guide from the link: StartingGuide  

It depends highly of the use. Below are some examples to give an idea Swimming club – One or two pair of SmartPaddles, continuous licenses for elite team(s) and daypasses to track other swimmers development twice a month. PT / Coach / Performance center providing teaching or analysis services – Daypasses to be used when

If Google play store says “Download pending” Follow the Google guide

Download quick guide from the link: Quick Guide Manual includes instructions for: Taking SmartPaddle into use How to activate How to connect to phone/ tablet How to wear How to charge How to reset What different ligths mean