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What type of licenses should I buy

It depends highly of the use. Below are some examples to give an idea

Swimming club
– One or two pair of SmartPaddles, continuous licenses for elite team(s) and daypasses to track other swimmers development twice a month.

PT / Coach / Performance center providing teaching or analysis services
– Daypasses to be used when recording customer.

“Hobby” Triathlon club
– Club purchases one pair of SmartPaddles for shared club use. Club members then individually purchase licence for themselves (daypasses or monthly license). All Club members will have coach account to record and they can create athlete accounts for them selves.

Individual user
– Continuous subscription. 2×6 months licence that is coming with the starter pack can be used as 1×12 months. If you want to borrow device for someone, she/he can buy daypasses from web shop.