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Siri is a 14 year old swimmer representing swimming team Cetus in Espoo, Finland.

Siri Auvinen

She has been using SmartPaddle since the earliest prototype was released in the beginning of 2015. At the time she was ranked 21st at her age class in Finland. The focus of Siri’s training has been very much on proper swimming techniques. In addition to SmartPaddle, regular use of underwater video analysis has been an important part of her training program. In two years Siri has steadily improved her performance and is now ranked number one in 50 butterfly at her age group. In August 2017 Siri was nominated to Finnish Youth National Team. As a long time user of the SmartPaddle she was happy to answer our questionnaire about her experience with our device.

200m IM results over time


What is your general feeling on SmartPaddle?

The results generally agree with my own feeling about swimming and especially on the feel for water. With SmartPaddle I can see effects, which are not visible in video. They provide me information on problems that I have not been able to identify before.

How have you used SmartPaddle?

I have tried several different analyses with SmartPaddle. We have measured, how my technique changes with increasing speed. We have also conducted measurements with competition pace in various distances. I have several different techniques especially for butterfly and we have applied SmartPaddle in their testing as well as in follow-up the development. Especially useful have been the measurements, in which my technique has been compared with other swimmers from our team.

What do you like and dislike in SmartPaddle?

SmartPaddle is super easy to useJ! The measurements are just a part of a regular training and I do not need to know anything to use them. The Paddles don’t disturb swimming technique, which is very important for me. I also like to have the results to myself immediately and for the most part they are understandable. I would like to have more measurements done especially, when my technique has been changed.

What have you learned with SmartPaddle?

A new butterfly technique for 200 m distance was the first thing, where we applied the Paddles. Before using SmartPaddle, I could not even finish the distance. Now the last 50 m is my strongest part of the race. I have learned to analyse my technique both from SmartPaddle measurements and from video. I can also relate my feeling to specific changes after seeing concrete results from my swimming technique. When comparing my technique with other swimmers, I have found out several ways to improve my performance. For example, I had not recognized the role of stroke frequency before such comparison.

What is it in SmartPaddle that you wouldn’t give up?

The possibility to easily recognize things to improve is the most important issue for me. The fact that I can follow-up the development of my technique is also important for me.

What would you improve ?

It is a bit difficult to understand the graph about the hand velocity. All the other figures have been more intuitive for me.

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