SmartPaddle measures following parameters:

  • Time

    • Lap and set times
  • Stroke rate (strokes/min)

    • Lap or Set average
  • Force (N, graph)

    • Forward, vertical and lateral force of the hand
    • Lap or Set average or individual stroke (forward force peak and average)
  • Impulse (Ns)

    • Overall propulsion (force x duration) during the stroke.
    • Lap or Set average
  • Efficiency (%)

    • Portion of the impulse to the forward direction.
    • Lap or Set average
  • Propulsive force (N)

    • Applied effective propulsive force for the hand (calculated based on the forward directing force)
    • Lap or Set average
  • Hand velocity (m/s, graph)

    • Hand velocity during the work phase of the stroke (hand moves backwards in the water)
    • Lap or Set average or individual stroke
  • Trajectory (m, graph)

    • Path of the swimmer’s hand from three perspectives (from top, from side, from back)
    • Lap or Set average or individual stroke
  • Available tools

    • Analysis tool to create analysis from the parameter and compare swimmers
    • Trend tool to follow the development

Validation of measured parameters