New features in SmartPaddles Analysis Center

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New features in SmartPaddle Analysis Center

There are two new action buttons in the analysis center. The green button on the right enables user to download the time-dependent force data. The white button on the left downloads the key parameters that are presented in the table below. In addition to the new action buttons, average force has replaced power, which was previously shown in the table.

Figure 1. Summary table in the Explore view.

With time-dependent force data the user can visualize e.g., how the propulsive force varies during the measurement. In the figure below, one can see that the right hand produces significantly more propulsion than the left. When there is propulsive force above average force the speed of the swimmer increases. Conversely, when propulsive force is below average force, the swimmer decelerates.

In the example below, the speed of the swimmer increases during the right hand stroke and decreases during the left. Average force provides information on the speed variation, which is one of the major reasons for decreases in swimming performance.

Figure 2. Time-depended propulsive force compared with the average force in freestyle.

The possibility to download the time-dependent force data also enables the user to combine the force with advanced video analysis tools. By creating a force overlay into a video, it is easy to visualize and observe the propulsive, lateral and vertical force components. Such view provides unprecedented clarity to the force measurements.

Figure 3. Time-depended propulsive forces overlay with underwater video.

The force graphs have also been updated in the new version. In the lap average view, the absolute values of the forces are stacked on top of each other (area graph) as before. However, on the right side of the figure only the Peak and Average values of the propulsive force are presented.

Figure 4. The average propulsive (green), lateral (yellow) and vertical (red) forces produced during a stroke.

In Stroke Details of the individual strokes the directions of the forces are presented along with their absolute values.

  • Positive propulsive (green) force accelerates the swimmer, whereas negative propulsive force creates drag.
  • Positive lateral (yellow) force means that the palm is pointing to right.
  • Negative lateral (yellow) force means that, the palm points to left.
  • Negative vertical (red) forces mean that the hand is pushing water  down
  • Positive vertical (red) forces mean that the hand is lifting the water up.

Figure 5. Propulsive (green), lateral (yellow) and vertical (red) forces produced during a single hand stroke.

Key Terms: Time-dependent force, average force, propulsive force

Examples – how to use the downloaded key parameters

The possibility to download the key parameters facilitates analysis of the swimmer performance during one or several measurements. The development of the swimmer is easier to follow up with this feature. The comparison between different swimmers can also be done with increased flexibility. The figures in the following examples are made using excel. Trainesense can provide ready-made templates for production of similar figures.

In the example below, the stroke rate of two swimmers was compared. Altogether 36 measurements carried out at various swimming speeds were combined in the figure. The result clearly demonstrates that swimmer 1 could swim at a significantly lower stroke rate at a given speed, which also means that his stroke length was substantially longer.

Figure 6. The stroke rate as a function of swimming speed a comparison between two swimmers:

In the second example, the average propulsive force generated by the swimmer was measured in two 400 m trials. As can be seen, the swimmer was able to produce substantially higher force throughout the 2nd trial. Consequently, the swimmer improved his time by 20 s within one week.

Figure 7. The average propulsive force generated at each lap during two 400 m tests.

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