SmartPaddle devices can be shared by any number on swimmers.

Buy Starter or team Kit first. Both Kits include devices and licecses with special discount :

  • Starter Kit: 829€ including licences for 240€
  • Team Kit : 1299€ including licences for 1200€

Additional SmartPaddle sensors are sold sepearately.

Chargers are only included in Kits.


Each swimmers needs own account for recorded and analyzed  data. Account itself does not costs anything. Only adding data to account costs. License is required ONLY when data is added to account i.e. swims are recorded.

There are two type of licenses:

  1. Monthy license is meant to regular recordings. It allows to record any number of swims during one month from the activation of license for one swimmer.
  2. Day Pass adds one day recording time for one swimmer.

You can minimize your costs. Pay only when you are training.


When Starter or Team Kit is purchased from the web shop, Trainesense will ask by email what licenses to include
Below are just examples:

Swimming clubs

Buy Team Kit for each coach who makes recordings. Buy additional licenses depending on team size.
If your team is recoding in parallel then it is cheapset to buy additional Team Kits.  This allows swimmers to record each others with several SmartPaddle pairs.

If your team needs additional services (training or help with analyses) or you have any other special needs, send us request for quotation from the home page Request for Quatation

Triathlon Club

Club pays everything, Team Kit or Custom Kit: one year unlimited use for 5 persons or and ask quote for your needs.
Club pays only devices, Starter Kit: let athletes purchase their own licenses.

Share devices with the club members.

Personal Trainer

Day passes are targeted for you. Use one day pass per swimmer per lesson.

Starter Kit: get device and 30 day passes or
Team Kit: get device and 150 day passes

Indivudual Swimmer

If you are not familiar with swimming technique, find coach who can help you or buy remote analysis from Trainesense.

If you feel confident anayisng yourself:
Buy Starter Kit: get device and one year of unlimted use or
buy Team Kit: get device and 5 Years of unlimited use