Each of the swimmer is a different. Same solution for the same problem does never generate the same result. Teaching a new movement requires eye for the specific needs of each swimmer. SmartPaddle provides the coach and swimmer an "extra eye" that helps on concentrating to the essential.

Find the limiting factor

Each swimmer has a capability limitation that makes them execute the stroke in the way they do. It can be either flexibility, coordination, muscle balance or endurance. This limitation needs to be removed before they are able to execute the movement differently.

SmartPaddle force profile accompanied with velocity and trajectory information enables pinpointing the improvement area. This information can be utilized to simulate the correct movement. Experience has shown that in most of the cases swimmer is not able to activate the correct muscles and are compensating the movement with the stronger muscles. When this is the case, they cannot fix the movement just by swimming more. SmartPaddle information enables identifying the dry land drills which will enable activating the correct muscles.

Let the swimmer discover the movement

When the limiting factor is removed the focus shifts to controlling a group of muscles as part of the whole kinetic chain. These movement pattern are recorded to the long term memory in human memory system. The only way to reprogram those is to have a controlled environment in which the swimmer himself can re-discover the movement. Discovery happens most efficiently on dry land where it is possible to setup the environment in the way that it is obvious for the swimmer when they execute the movement correctly. This enables  self-discovery.

Integrate to swimming

During the process of re-programming the movement pattern it is important to maintain the feeling on how the new skill impacts on the overall dynamics of the swimming.

SmartPaddle comparison capability enables ensuring the changes are where they are supposed to be and how the overall dynamics changed. Observations of modified stroke in water enables adapting  the cues on the dry land.

Create controlled variation

When the movement pattern starts to stabilize, it is still necessary to automate the movement. This can be done by variating the environment & stimulus both on dry land and in water.

SmartPaddle enables recording swimming  in different conditions and identifying the level of variation. For example, it is possible to record whole training set and see the impact of not focusing on the technique. Recording a race simulation makes visible the impact of fatigue.