SmartPaddle force meter

Force meter

The force meter records the applied force and the resulting movement (trajectory, speed and orientation of the hand) during a stroke.

Fits to the palm of your hand

  • Silicone straps (similar to other swimming paddles) are used to secure the meter to your your palm during swimming.
  • Small and extremely light for minimal interference with the stroke.

Connects to your phone

  • Indicator lights informs you about the state of the SmartPaddle.
  • Enough memory to store 40 minutes of recording.
  • 24hrs of recording without re-charging.
  • Separate transport mode to minimize power consumption when sensor is not in use.
  • Goes automatically into power save mode if not moved in 5 minutes.
  • Bluetooth used to transfer data to Analysis Center via SmartPaddle App.

Wireless charging

  • Easy use docking charger.
  • 1 hr charging time from empty to full charge.
  • USB-B and USB-C chargers supported.