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During September Trainesense visited in four places in USA&Canada: Boulder, Colorado Springs, Louisville and Toronto. We demonstrated the SmartPaddle to the local swimming teams and discussed about their willingness to join the piloting ecosystem. We were warmly welcomed to each of the places and SmartPaddle was in heavy use.

In Boulder we gave demonstrations in 4 different pools and worked with Siri Lindley, Kaisa Sali, Grant Holicky, Joey Pedroza, Eney Jones, Tim O’Donnell, Rudy Von Berg, …. In short time we were able to help the coaches and swimmer to get new insights on the swimming. SmartPaddles were left with APEX coaching and we continue piloting together with them.

In Colorado Springs we met with Mounir Zok and Genadijus Sokolovas (Dr G). We demonstrated the capabilities of the SmartPaddle and discussed about the validation tests against their existing system.

Riku Rimpela (left) and Markus Sali

In Louisville we spent 3 days with the University team in demonstrating the different usage scenarios of SmartPaddle: characterization of the swimming, immediate technique feedback, identifying “survival technique” by recording normal training sets. We spent quality time with the whole of the coaching team and Malory Comerford, Kelsi Worrell and Joao DeLucca. They now have SmartPaddles and we will continue the testing in co-operation.

Vlad Polyakov (left) and Arthur Albiero

In Toronto we had the possibility to join the swimming conference of Ontario swimming coaches. There were 85 coaches participating in 5 different demonstrations. Ryan Atkison had planned the demonstration and we quickly adjusted them in the way that SmartPaddle data was used as a help in addition to the other data. 2 of the demonstrations focused on immediate technique feedback and 3 for using data in race analysis and strategy creation. The feedback on the sessions was overwhelming. Especially the level of discussions after the sessions was promising: the coaches didn’t have any problems on understanding the data and starting to think about the practical deployment with their swimmers. TPASC now has SmartPaddles and will continue testing those with our support.

Ryan Atkison running coach clinic with the help of Smartpaddle data for Ontario coaches

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